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Off-Site Counseling Service

Off-Site Counseling Service

What We Do

Off-Site Counseling Service

Our providers will use time tested interventions and pragmatic counseling skills: we utilize individual, group, and family formats; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; otional regulation/anger management; play and recreational therapy; behavior modification; parent training, and the very successful SmartEmotions. These services are provided at off-site locations: home, community, and school.

In-Depth Evaluation

We schedule a time when a licensed therapist can come to your home and complete a psychosocial evaluation to identify the emotional, behavioral, and psychological problems that may exist.

Collaborative Treatment Plans

We work together to develop a treatment plan with goals designed to help manage the identified problems.

Frequent Sessions

We meet with you and your family one to two times weekly, for individual and family therapy. This will allow us to build a therapeutic relationship and actively work on providing the education and skill building needed to address the identified problems.

In-Home Service

We are an in-home service, which means that the therapy takes place in your family home and in your child’s school.

Convenient Scheduling

Our goal is to make sure that our service is convenient for you so our therapists will help to create a schedule that meets everyone’s needs. This will ensure consistent treatment for you and your family.

Unilateral Collaboration

With your permission, we will work together with your schools, doctors and any other services you have in place. This ensures success in all areas where the identified problems may occur.