What to Look for in a Psychologist

5 Tips for Finding a Psychologist Near You

What to Look for In a Psychologist in Maryland

If you, your child, or your family struggles with emotional, mental, or behavioral difficulties, you may be looking for a psychologist near you who can help. With so many different types of therapies and counseling available, it may feel intimidating to find the right psychologist for your needs.

When choosing a psychologist, therapist, or counselor, here are some things to look for:

1. Find a psychologist experienced in your specific needs.

Make sure you are looking for a psychologist who specializes or has experience in your particular area of concern. For example, if your child is struggling with behavioral issues, look for a psychologist who is experienced in addressing behavior modification and working with children.

2. Find a licensed psychologist.

When looking for a psychologist in Maryland for yourself or your family, make sure he or she is licensed in Maryland. Not all counselors are licensed, but a professional license ensures that a psychologist has received specific training. You can check the Maryland licensure boards to confirm that a psychologist is licensed, and you can also find out whether the board has ever taken any action against that psychologist for an ethical violation.

3. Look for the psychologist’s payment options.

Whether you have private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or no insurance, be sure to look for a psychologist who can accommodate your payment needs. Contact your insurance provider before your first appointment to learn what is and is not covered.

4. Look for a psychologist who will provide a treatment plan.

You should find a psychologist who is willing to help create a detailed treatment plan for approaching your specific problems. This should include what the psychologist will do, how the treatment will specifically address the identified issues, and how to know that you are making progress.

5. Find a psychologist you trust.

More than anything else, you should be able to trust and feel comfortable with the psychologist you choose. Once you find a psychologist you may be interested in seeing, contact them to find out if you can get a consultation or otherwise ask questions and find out more about them and how you feel around them. The psychologist you choose should be sincere and confident in their ability to help you, and make you feel comfortable with being honest without fear of judgment.

Find a qualified psychologist in Maryland

Advanced Behavioral Health in Maryland offers counseling to help you and your family address a variety of emotional, behavioral, and psychological problems. We have a team of highly experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, and nurse practitioners who offer a range of psychiatric treatments based on your specific needs.

Our licensed therapists can conduct an evaluation in your home to identify the specific problems that need to be addressed. After the evaluation, we will help create a treatment plan with specific goals and steps for managing these problems. Our licensed counselors meet with you and your family once or twice a week to help build a comfortable relationship and actively work on your family’s specific concerns.

While our clinic-based therapists provide traditional counseling at our clinic locations, our licensed therapists also provide off-site counseling services in your home, community, or your children’s school. This way, you have access to counseling and therapy in a safe, comforting, and convenient environment.

Contact Advanced Behavioral Health today to learn more about our services and how we can help you and your family.